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Steps to setup the rear hatch tent

1) Turn of dome light so rear hatch can be open with dome light off. Pull tent out of blue bag and slide the tan colored part of tent over rear hatch.

dome light off.jpg
tent setup.jpg
tent 1.jpg

2) Attach the 2 bungees on to front roof rack.

tent 2.jpg
tent 3.jpg
tent 4.jpg

3)Bottom of tent slides under bumper, make sure it is not touching tail pipe. Attach 2 bottom bungees to holes in wheels.

tent 5.jpg
tent 6.jpg
tent muffler.jpg

Steps to setup the Tahoe bed

1)Fold rear seats forward, place spacers on floor​.

Tahoe mattress step 1.jpg
Mattress step 1.jpg
Mattress spacers.jpg

2)Place Plywood platform on top of spacers, slide it forward until it touches seats. Slide black plastic cargo mat as far forward as possible to cover plywood platform.

Mattress Platform.jpg
Mattress platform2.jpg
Mattress cargo liner.jpg

3) Place sleeping pads down, blow up air mattress and place air mattress on top of sleeping pads.

mattress sleeping pads.jpg
mattress setup 2.jpg
mattress setup.jpg
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