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Gazelle  90 second tent 

Sleeps 2-4

The Gazelle T4 4 man/ T3 3 man tent sets up in 90 seconds, just unfold tent, pop out 4 walls and roof and you're set up. It's that simple. Camp kitchen and sleep gear for 2 included. You can wake up to the Sun rise at Kumu Camp beach retreat one day, explore the north shore and have ocean front accommodations at Camp Naue the next, and enjoy the lush green mountains of Kokee another day. Budget friendly way to explore Kauai.

The pick up location is in Kapaa, 20 minutes from the Airport, 10 minutes from Kumu camp, and on the way to the North shore.

-Gazelle T3/T4 3-4 man tent-  the ultimate overlanding hub/popup tent. Large spacious 3/4 man tent.  Removable rain fly so you can see the stars on clear nights.  The Gazelle tents have 6 windows and 2 large doors. Set up and packs up super easy.

(When packed up the T4 is 5 1/2' long and T3 is 5' long x 8"x 8") We recommend renting an SUV that you can put the back seats down in order to fit the tent in the vehicle. It will not fit in a sedan.

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